Try It Review: Snuggie Blanket

9:34 PM, Feb 26, 2010   |    comments
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Snuggie Blanket
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  • The Snuggie burst onto the scene in late 2008 to truly become a pop culture phenomenon. The commercials quickly became fodder for comedians like Jay Leno, Bill Maher and Ellen DeGeneres.  But it's the seller, Allstar Products LLC, that's laughing all the way to the bank having sold over 20 million Snuggies.

    Like many of us Jamie Miles is trying to save on energy bills by turning the thermostat back. "I like to keep it cold," he said.  "A lot of people always complain that it's a little chilly in my apartment" He calls the Snuggie a "no brainer". 

    So Jamie and friends Lindsay and Marcy threw a Snuggie party to see what makes this fleece blanket so popular.  "It's very long and it's kind of like a backwards bathrobe," Jamie said.  They're one size fits all and machine washable.  "It's much better than a blanket because you have your arm holes" he said.  "You can still work."  Jamie sat on a chair working on his laptop while wearing his Snuggie.  "I could be here all day doing this," he said. 

    Snuggie has moved on from the basic blue. Now it comes in many colors like green, maroon and tan.  There are also animal prints, even licensed sports teams.  I tried on the pink blanket that benefits breast cancer research.   Recently Snuggie held a fashion show to display the new colors, a kid's size Snuggie, even Snuggies for your pets.

    The Snuggie sells for about $15 in stores or two for $20 plus shipping and handling on-line. It even comes with a reading light.   Jamie, Lindsay and Marcy were unanimous in their rating, "Two thumbs up."

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