Try It Review: Perfect Brownie Pan

10:25 AM, Feb 24, 2010   |    comments
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Perfect Brownie Baking Set

The Perfect Brownie Pan promises perfect brownies every time.  Perfectly cooked, perfectly cut, can it really be?  We ask a chocolate lover to review it before you buy it.

While brownies are popular with most everyone, cooking up a batch can be an art.  One mistake and they are overcooked or undercooked.  Cutting them up can be a challenge and the sizes are never the same.  The Prefect Brownie pan set bakes your brownies in a unique pan that makes serving easy.  Marcy Meredith can tell you all about less-than-perfect brownies.  "I've made them before and they're not cooked all the way," she said, "or they're too thin and then they get hard and I hate that."

The patent pending design of the Perfect Brownie Baking Pan is supposed to bake each piece separately so they are flaky and crispy on the outside, but rich and gooey on the inside.  The pan set sells for about $20 in stores and on-line and comes with a cook book and stencil set.  Marcy liked the looks of the non-stick divider and drop bottom pan.  "It was just easy," she said.  "It just sat in, it fit very well. We'll see how it turns out." 

Thirty minutes later Marcy took her brownies out of the oven.  The pan has a special drop bottom that you set on a cooling tray that allows the side of the pan to drop away for quick cooling.  Everything was working great until we asked Marcy to repeat the process a few times for better camera angles for the TV story.  During one of the extra shots the serving tray got away from Marcy sending it crashing into the sink.

After getting over the shock, we salvaged what we could and did the taste test.  And guess what?  "Believe it not, they still look beautiful compared to the ones that were cooked in the normal everyday pan," Marcy said.  "You know you can drop them and they'll still look good, they'll still look good."

Marcy said the Perfect Brownie Pan is just perfect.  "Thumbs up."

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