Top 10 Selling "As Seen On TV" Products

9:38 PM, Feb 26, 2010   |    comments
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We see them advertised on television at all hours of the day and night, promising to make life easier or better.  They are the "As Seen On TV" products.  No longer are they mail-order only but for sale everywhere, department stores, discount stores, drug stores, even your neighborhood grocery store.  But are they really as good as they seem?

We went to the As Seen On TV Museum in Commerce to find out what are hottest selling products. Today we begin with number ten.  Store manager, Lacie Felgenhauer, shared her top 10 sellers.  But are they worth the money?  Our testers try it before you buy it.  

Here are the Top 10 "As Seen On TV" Sellers:

#10  Swivel Sweeper

#9 Neckline Slimmer

#8 Ab Sonic

#7 Smooth Away

#6 InStyler

#5 Windshield Wonder

#4 My Place Laptop Workstation

#3 Perfect Brownie Pan Set

#2 Turbo Snake

#1 Snuggie

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