Try It Review: Chop Keeper Cutting Board

10:34 AM, Feb 10, 2010   |    comments
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Chop Keeper Cutting Board
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  • The Chop Keeper claims it is the only cutting tray with raised edges to keep the mess and the juices off your counter top.  We try it out and review the claims before you buy it.

    Cynthia says she grew up in the kitchen and loves to cook. So naturally she's always looking for helpful new kitchen gadgets.  So the Chop Keeper and its promise to help keep your kitchen clean sounded good to her.  The trays come in six different colors and sell for about $11 plus shipping for a set of three.  The lip around the cutting board is supposed to keep juices in.  It also bends in the middle so you can easily pour the juices out without making a mess.

    Cynthia found that the Chop Keeper did keep the juices contained while she was cutting and reduced the mess when she poured them off.  But she said it is hard to fold the tray to do that.  "When I had to bend the board in order to get the products in a bowl it was difficult to bend, it wasn't easy," she said.  She also didn't like how the board didn't sit flat causing the food to bounce around as she cut. 

    "Overall I would have to say that the Chop Keeper fell short of what I was expecting," she said.  "The sides, the lip for keeping the juices in was the only thing I really liked. And so I would really have to give the Chop Keeper a thumbs down."

    Argee does make refunds for products, less shipping and handling charges, but requires the product must be in saleable condition, meaning that it has never been used.

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