Try It Review: Sure Clip Nail Clipper

2:36 PM, Feb 9, 2010   |    comments
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Sure Clip Nail Clipper
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  • The Sure Clip nail clipper says it's the world's most advanced nail clipper.  Its large handle, magnifying glass and built in light make it unique.  But before you buy it, we try it and review it.

    We ordered the world's most advanced nail clipper months ago and have been trying in vain since to get someone to test it for us on TV. Finally we met Lindsay Outten.   "I produce local commercials mostly," she said, "but I also produce some corporate videos and do some acting on the side."  So Lindsay is up to any challenge and agreed to check out the Sure Clip.

    The first thing Lindsay noticed was the size.  "It's huge and it's got this light," she said.  In addition to the light, the Sure Clip has a 3 times magnifier so you can see what your cutting.  "The light and the magnifying glass are actually a lot better than I thought," she said. 

    It also has a wide non-slip grip, professional quality steel blades, even a built in nail catcher so there's no mess. At least that what they say. But what does Lindsay say?   "It's a little hard to clip."  Lindsay admits that her nails are very hard but Sure Clip says it can cut cleanly and precisely through the toughest nails, every time.  "It's almost like they're not sharp enough," she said. 

    As for the clipping catcher, the nail clippings didn't seem to say inside.  "I'm losing the clippings and the door is not open," Lindsay said.  To see if it was catching anything Lindsay decided to open the unit and look.  "Nothing in there," she said.  "They all came out."

    The Sure Clip sells for ten bucks plus shipping. We have also seen it sold in stores.  Lindsay decided to see how her $2 clippers compared.  "This one actually feels sharper."  Lindsay decided to stick with her basic clipper.  "For $10, this definitely's not worth eight additional dollars,"  she said.  At least the LED light worked. Maybe Lindsay could use it as a flashlight.   "For the Sure Clip," she said, "I would have to give it a thumbs down."

    The Sure Clip comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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