Try It Review: Shark Portable Steam Pocket Cleaner

10:24 AM, Feb 8, 2010   |    comments
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Shark Portable Steam Pocket Cleaner
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  • The Shark Portable Steam Pocket multi-surface cleaning system promises deep cleaning and sanitizing for the entire home.  We review the claims before you buy it. 

    Jamie Miles is one busy man. He works full time and is also a full time marketing student. Even with a cleaning service he still could use some help around his condo.  He likes to cook so his kitchen gets a lot of use.  "It never really seems to stay clean," he said. 

    For a hundred bucks, the Shark Portable Steam Pocket Cleaner claims it has the muscle for all the dirty jobs around your house. So we asked Jamie to take a look.   The first thing he noticed.  "There's a lot of parts," he said, "it's a little intimidating."  Jamie wasn't exaggerating.  The cleaning set comes with tools for everything.  You get a concentrator nozzle, small accessories tool, bristle brush, garment steamer and bonnet, an extension hose, a mop Pad in a cylinder shape, steam dusting pad in a cylinder Shape, mop pad in a wedge shape, mop Head in a wedge Shape, mop Head in a cylinder Shape,  a 30" extension hose, scrubbing brushes and a bag to put it all in.

    So after reading over the 16 page manual, Jamie poured in the water. The unit heated up quickly and he attacked his greasy stove with the wedge cleaning pocket.  "So far it's great," he said.  "I'm pretty impressed. It definitely cleaned the back of the oven really well and it did the hood great."  So Jamie tried getting up this dried mustard on the floor.   "Looks like it's working," he said.  But after the floor dried, the stain returned. Then he used the scrubbing brush on a scuff mark without much luck.  "It doesn't even look like it's lightening it up or anything."

    Then ten minutes into our steam cleaning, our Shark ran dry.   "Yeah we are empty," he said, "and it was a full container of water."   After refilling the steamer, Jamie used the cylinder tool on his kitchen sink.  "It's shining up for sure," he said.  It also comes with a clothing steamer attachment.   Jamie was not impressed with that.  "This is actually making the shirt wet," he said.  "I think it would be a lot easier to iron."

    The cleaner takes two hands to operate, one to hold the boiler and press the release button and the other to hold the pocket to clean with.  "It's a lot to manage," he said.  "It's just kind of awkward to hold.   While the Shark Portable Steam Pocket did clean without chemicals, Jamie said it was too much work.  "I don't think it would be something I would buy," he said, "so thumbs down."

    Shark offers a 60 day money back guarantee, but you must pay for the return shipping.

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