Try It: Flip Fold Folding Tool

10:38 AM, Feb 3, 2010   |    comments
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  • The Flip Fold says it's the ultimate folding tool for all your cloths, including shirts, pants, towels and sheets.  We asked an Air Force Veteran to review it before you buy it. 

    Rebecca Newnaber folds her cloths with military precision. She said she learned it in the Air Force.  "I fold everything as soon as it's out of the dryer."  But the rest of us could use a little bit of help to get the laundry looking as good as Rebecca's. 

    The Flip Fold promises professionally folded laundry fast.  While Rebecca probably doesn't need one, we asked her to check out this twenty dollar gadget to see if it really can help you get more organized.

    Just smooth your cloths out over the flat plastic gadget and fold the edges so everything is on the board.  Then flip in the right side, the left and then fold the bottom up.  After a little bit of practice you're supposed to be able to fold a shirt in less than five seconds. So after a few trial runs Rebecca was ready.  In less than five seconds her shirt was neatly folded up.  "You get the hang of it pretty easily," she said. 

    The Flip Fold works on long and short sleeved shirts, tee shirts and collared shirts, also pants, towels, even sheets.  "That does look very nice," Rebecca said.  While it does fold fast, to say it's less than five seconds is a bit of a stretch.  "It's not the five seconds from dryer to fold, she said.  "You have to make sure it's laid out smooth. You've got to fold in the bottom, fold in the sleeves, then start your countdown."   Rebecca might have a point there, but she can't argue with the results.  "You do finish up with a nice fold," she said.  "That's your presentation. That's what the goal of the product is."

    You've seen clothing store employees using the Flip Fold, but do you need one at home?   "For those people that want that finished look and need the help, this is a great product for them," Rebecca said.  "I give it two thumbs up."

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