Try It Review: Mister Steamy Dryer Ball

10:32 AM, Feb 2, 2010   |    comments
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Mister Steamy Dry Ball
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  • The Mister Steamy dryer ball claims its can give you soft wrinkle free cloths right out of the cloths dryer.  We asked a busy executive to review it before you buy it.

    As U.S. Director at International Mascot, Johathan Schloss wants to look sharp when meeting with corporate executives. But he'd rather pay a cleaner than slave over a hot iron.  "I'm not an ironing guy,"  he said.  "All my shirts go out to the dry cleaner and lately I've been frustrated because I bought some newer, nicer pants and those are going to the dry cleaner too and that adds up."

    For only $20 plus seven dollars shipping and handling, Mister Steamy claims it will save you money by steaming the wrinkles away in your cloths dryer.   Each order comes with two dryer balls and two small bottles of "Fresh Shot", a fabric softener and freshener.  The Mister Steamy is supposed to work for most fabrics including cotton, polyester and blends.  "Sounds good to me," Johathan said, "worth a try."

    So Johathan gathered up a load of wrinkled shirts and pants. The directions say fill the plastic ball up with water and add a capful of Fresh Shot if you like a little softener. Then Johathan popped everything in his dryer and let it run on high heat for half an hour. Unfortunately the results were not as advertised.   "Looks about the same, maybe even a little worse," he said.  "That looks no different."

    Johathan called customer service just to make sure we weren't missing something.   "I don't think it's working right and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong," he told customer service.  Then he gave it another shot with a lighter load of only three shirts and one pair of pants. Johathan also cut back on the drying time. But everything still looked as wrinkled as when we started.   "I'm not noticing any difference," he said. 

    We also tried Mister Steamy with a load of wet cloths but still had wrinkled cloths when they came out of the dryer.  Johathan said he would just have to keep sending his cloths to the cleaner and keep his iron handy.  "For the Mr. Steamy, as much as I want it to work," he said, "unfortunately I got to give it two thumbs down."

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