Try It Review: Salad Shooter

11:53 AM, Feb 1, 2010   |    comments
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Salad Shooter by Presto

The Presto Salad Shooter was first introduced back in 1988.  It's still around promising to make slicing and shredding quick and easy.   We try it before you buy it and give you the review.

Linda Baker and her daughter Lindsey love salads but not all the preparation.  "Takes longer than a regular meal," Linda said.  Normally they use a kitchen knife and a grater to shred and slice.  So they agreed to try out this classic appliance.   

The Salad Shooter features stainless-steel cutting blades in two interchangeable cones, one for shredding, another for slicing.  They slip into the feed chute and are held in place with a twist-lock ring.   It retails for about $50 but we got it at for $33.

First Linda shredded up some lettuce using the slicing blade.   "For tacos, I would like that," she said.  Then she tried to slice up a cucumber.  "It doesn't fit," Linda said.  One problem, unless your vegetable is pretty small, it won't fit into the cutting chamber and you''ll have to chop it up.  So Linda cut it up to fit and dropped it in the gadget.  After cutting it to the right size, the Salad Shooter quickly sliced it up.  The same for a squash.  But when she tired to slice up a tomato it made a total mess, more like salsa than sliced tomato. 

The shredder blade worked great on the carrots and cheese.  "Oh I like the cheese," Linda said.  The handheld design lets you shoot your food right into the serving bowl, but Linda thought it took a lot of muscle.  "I had a hard time pressing down," she said.  "If I could have placed it on the counter and used the counter to press it would have been easier."

Clean up wasn't bad, everything but the motor is dishwasher safe. But is it a time saver?  "The prep work was so much I could have probably made a salad already,"  Linda said.  So will Linda and Lindsey be making room in their kitchen for another appliance?  "For the Presto Salad Shooter," she said, "I think we're going to give it a one up and one down."

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