Try It Review: Grater Plater

11:29 AM, Jan 21, 2010   |    comments
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Grater Plater

Twelve-year old Jessie Rodgers enjoys helping her mom around the kitchen. One of her jobs is to grate cheese for salads, tacos and pasta. A task that can be tough on fingers as she learned first hand after cutting her fingers once. "Grate cheese with ease."

The Grater Plater claims it can grate cheese with ease right in the plate.  The tempered ceramic surface can't harm fingers.   So under the supervision of her mom, Jessie gladly put down her steel grater to see if this really is better. First she tried cheddar cheese.  However the cheese didn't really grate.  It became a mushy, unappetizing mess,  more like a paste than grated cheese.

So Jessie switched to parmesan which seemed to work much better.  The set comes with a brush to help sprinkle your grated parmesan right out of the plate. Jesse thought it made the job a little easier.  She also liked it for grating chocolate.  "It's working," she said.  "It's making small little pieces."  

As a bonus, you get a garlic peeler that Jesse found helpful.   "That's cool," she said.  But as for grating the garlic, that wasn't nearly as cool.   "It's kinda' getting mushy," she said.  She said it looked like applesauce.  Jesse's Mom, Angie, said she would stick to her garlic press.

In the end our mother daughter team decided the Grater Plater would not replace your steel grater but was useful for parmesan and chocolate.  Their rating?   "For the Grater Plater, we give it one up and one down."

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