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Try It Review: One Step Pet Bath Sponge

5:53 PM, Jan 19, 2010   |    comments
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Uncle Norman's 1 Step Pet Bath Sponge
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  • Karen Coyle is wild about her new puppy Hazel and Hazel is wild about playing in the dirt outside. But neither one of them is crazy about bath time.  "She's very squirmy," she said, "so the sooner we can get in and out of the bath, the better."

    Uncle Norman's One Step Pet Bath Sponge by SpongeTech has the shampoo, conditioner and deodorizer built right into the sponge to help make bath time easier.  So Karen wet Hazel down in the sink and soaked the sponge.  It does feel different than a normal sponge, softer and slicker.

    The sponge lathered up nicely. It doesn't have any fragrance but does contain an odor neutralizer. Karen really appreciated not having to reach for a separate bottle.   "It cut down on me having to grab the shampoo bottle and then try to hold her and lather her." she said.  "This way I could just kind of manage her with one hand and then I had all the cleaning I needed in the other."  There are also 42 special massage bumps that are supposed to improve the cleaning while relaxing your pet.  "I think the massage bumps," she said.  "I really think that helped calm her down because this is the calmest she's ever been." 

    Uncle Norman's sponge is sold at Petsmart, Petco and online. It costs eight bucks but is supposed to contain enough soap for eight baths.  There is a large sponge for $10.  The sponge is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria.   SpongeTech also sells soap infused car wash sponges, bath sponges and household cleaning sponges.

    "Oh she's fluffy, she's conditioned," Karen said as she dried Hazel.  Having everything in one sponge seemed to really speed the bath along so Hazel was in and out of the sink and clean in minutes.  "I love the sponge," she said.  "It suds up more than I thought it would."  

    So has bath time become a good time for Hazel and Karen?   "For Uncle Norman's One Step Pet Bath Sponge, I give it two thumbs up."


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