Try It Review: Skip Dr Premier Disk Repair

9:45 AM, Jan 19, 2010   |    comments
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Skip Dr Premier Disc Repair System

Losing your favorite CD, DVD or video game to disc scratches is frustrating and expensive.  The Skip Dr Premier claims it can automatically fix many disc problem.  We review it before you buy it.

Two year-old Graham Smith's favorite DVD is "Thomas the Train".   Unfortunately scratches on the disk have made it unwatchable.    "It Sticks here every time and then it will move forward a little bit then it will stick for good," Graham's mom Jane said.  The problem is frustrating for the both parent and child.  It's so bad that Jane told her son that the disc was lost.

Scratched disc can also get expensive.  CDs sell for $10 - $15, DVDs are $20 and video games go for $50 and up.   So Jane couldn't wait to see if the Skip Doctor Premier by Digital Innovations could actually fix her scratched DVD.

The directions are easy. Just spray the repair fluid on your disk and put it in the Skip Doctor. The disk spins around about a minute and pops out when it's done.  Then just dry and buff. It only took a couple of minutes.  Jane thought the disk looked better when she was finished.  But the moment of truth came when she put it in the DVD player.  Jane was pleased to see that the disc played like new.  "It worked, it worked," she yelled.

The Skip Doctor retails for $45 but we paid $30 with free shipping at Amazon. The spinning flexiwheel is supposed to repair up to 50 disks before have to buy a $13 replacement. 
"I think that's worth it," Jane said, "because the CDs cost 10 to 15 dollars sometimes even $20 for a children's CD and then when you play them a few times and they're unplayable, that's a big waste of money."

While nothing can repair cracks and deep scratches, does Skip Doctor have the cure for Jane?  "I give the Skip Doctor Premier two thumbs up."

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