Try It Review: EZ Grill

2:24 PM, Jan 14, 2010   |    comments
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EZ Grill Disposable Instant Grill
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  • Grilling up some hot food at a tailgate party or picnic always makes for a good time. But dragging around all the equipment is definitely no fun, just ask Adam Stillman.  "It's a little bit of a pain," he said.  "I have a portable grill but getting it down there, getting the charcoal out and once it goes out you've got to clean up all the ashes."

    The EZ Grill Disposable Instant Grill says it's the all-in-one eco-friendly, grillin' and chillin' bar-b-que.   Adam is an architect and owner of Adam Stillman Residential Design.  He specializes in renovating in-town homes.  He gets together with friends and neighbors several times a year for food and fun at the Moreland Avenue drive-in.  So the EZ Grill sounded like it would be a big help.

    Adam set up the party sized grill. It retails for $10. There's also a five dollar model that's about half the size.   It was easy to light, the charcoal already contains the starter fluid. Instead of wood, this earth friendly charcoal is made from recycled corn, rice and wheat stalks. The grill was supposed to be ready in 15 minutes but it took a half an hour for the flames to die down.   "That was a little longer than I expected," Adam said, "but it definitely feels hot."

    Even though this was the biggest size, the cooking surface was tight.  Adam barely managed to fit on four hamburgers and four hotdogs.  Adam thought without a cover, the grill cooked a little slow.  "It did take longer than it would typically take to cook, probably about 20 to 30 minutes for the burgers," he said, "when normally you would expect to have them in ten."

    When your done you can pitch it in the thrash although the maker encourages you to recycle the grill and packaging.  The EZ Grill is sold at Walmart, Winn Dixie and on-line.

    Adam said the EZ Grill had good and bad points.  "It's easy, it's portable, it is all self-contained," he said.  "The downside, it didn't cook really evenly. It took a long time to cook."  Adam's rating?  "We'll give it one thumb up and one thumb down."

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