Try It Review: Uncle Norman's Pet Bowl Cleaner

1:50 PM, Jan 11, 2010   |    comments
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Uncle Norman's 1-Step Pet Bowl Cleaner. Courtesy: SpongeTech
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  • Uncle Norman's One Step Pet Bowl Cleaner is fido's personal sponge that is supposed to quickly and safely clean dirty bowls.  The owner of a new puppy reviews this sponge.

    Hazel is Karen Coyle's new puppy. Right now she's the only baby around the house and gets all the attention.  "As an over protective new mommy nothing's ever clean enough for her," she said.  Hazel may be a pampered pooch but that doesn't mean Karen wants to use the kitchen sponge to clean her dog bowls.

    Uncle Norman's One Step Pet Bowl Cleaner by SpongeTech is a new sponge that is already infused with the detergent and shaped like a bone.  "It would cut down on some of the confusion around our cleaning supplies," Karen said. "Since it is shaped like a dog bone it definitely specifies who it's for."

    So Karen tried the sponge on Hazel's stainless steel water bowl. It didn't really look dirty but Karen was in for a surprise.  "It's scratching through the grime," she said.  "You can see it working."  Karen was impressed.  "With the sponge I was actually cutting through grime that I didn't even know was there," she said.  "So half way through I could start to see the grime versus the shiny stainless and then I knew I had to keep going."

    We also brought along an old and very dirty plastic water bowl to see how the Pet Cleaner would do in the worst case.   While the bowl looked cleaner it's square shape made it hard to get the stiff sponge into the corners. 

    The sponge contains enough soap for multiple uses, they claim for up to six months. SpongeTech's patented process is supposed to keep it 99% bacteria-free. There's also a non-scratch coating.   Karen didn't see any scratching on the stainless steel bowl but was unsure about the plastic bowl.

    The sponge sells for $8 plus shipping at SpongeTech's website.  Karen thought it was worth the money.  "For Uncle Norman's One Step Pet Bowl Cleaner, I give it two thumbs up."

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