Try It Review: Evriholder Citrus Peeler

5:07 PM, Dec 31, 2009   |    comments
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Evriholder Citrus Peeler

For a healthy snack you can't go wrong with fresh citrus. A single orange contains 130% of the vitamin C that your body needs in a day. But it's not the easiest fruit to prepare. So the $5 Evriholder Citrus Peeler caught our eye.

As coach for the state champion girl's cross country team at St. Pius X High School, Debbie Gilbeau recommends an antioxidant rich diet that includes citrus.  "But it does get in your nails," she said "and it would be nice to try to help prevent having to peel it with your fingers."

The Citrus Peeler promises to quickly peel any citrus fruit. So Debbie tried it on a lemon first.  But Debbie was unable to get the plastic cutting blade through the thick skin.  So Debbie gave up and tried using the gadget on an orange instead.  The cutting blade seemed to do a better job, but Debbie had trouble getting the skin off.  "Maybe it takes a little bit of practice," she said.  "I find I'm still having to use my fingers a great deal though."

Debbie hoped she might have better luck with a tangerine. The peeler says it won't damage the fruit inside.   "I'm pressing pretty hard," she said.  "I don't want to bruise the fruit but as you can see it isn't deep enough and that's with me pressing as hard as I can."

Eating healthy shouldn't be this much work.  Debbie was not impressed.  "Fruit's good, this is sour," she said.  "No I would not buy one of these. It's easier to do it with my hands."

So Looks like Coach Gilbeau is kicking the Citrus Peeler off the team.   "I give this product," Debbie said, "two thumbs down."

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