Try It Review: Cable Zipper

3:16 PM, Dec 29, 2009   |    comments
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Cable Zipper

Are the wires behind your computer a disorganized mess?  The Cable Zipper cable and wire management systems claims it can restore order.  We review the claims before you buy it.

Isha Hinton and her family recently downsized to a smaller apartment and she is still trying to get her home office straightened out.   "The challenge has been getting all the cords here organized and the space is so small," Isha said.  "It just looks kind of untidy."

For $20, the Cable Zipper claims it can organize your cables easy as one, two, three.  The kit comes with an eight foot cable zipper, a zip clip, two wall mounts and 12 pairs of labels.  Isha thought it might work but worried that it might be a lot of trouble.

So after untangling all the wires, she tried to get the zip clip to bundle everything up. But figuring the directions out was tough.  After several attempts, we asked 17 year-old Emily Brooks to help us out.  "You have to do it the other way," Emily said as she flipped the zip clip around.  

With the teenager's help, in just a few minutes Isha's messy cables were zipped up into one neat bundle. "It's not as easy but the end result it got me organized," she said.  The Cable Zipper is eight feet long and can be trimmed down with scissors, plenty to organize two computer stations.  

"I like the way my cables are all organized which is what I was looking for," Isha said, "but the directions part needs to be improved."   Still she thought the Cable Zipper deserved two thumbs up.

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