Try It Review: Stick Up Bulb

11:03 AM, Dec 16, 2009   |    comments
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Stick Up Bulb

Laurie Collins has a couple of closets that could use some more light.  "It is dark in there," she said.  Hiring an electrician would be expensive, so Laurie has tried everything else.   "I've actually used the little stick on lights before, the little round disk," she said, "and not had a lot of success with those."

The Westinghouse Stick Up Bulb is supposed to brighten up those dark spots without an electric outlet or costly rewiring.  It operates on four AA batteries and installation takes only seconds, just peel the paper away from the adhesive and stick.   Laurie had no trouble putting it up and was pleased with the extra illumination.  "It does light that section up really good," she said. 

The bulb slides out of the base so you can easily move it around to get a better look at what you're trying to see.  "Oh yeah, that's like a flashlight," Laurie said.  "It really brightens it up."

We paid $10 for it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The bulb is also recommended for stairwells, basements, camping and power outages.   The bulb doesn't get warm.  "It's cool to the touch," Laurie said.  A small krypton bulb actually makes the light.   "It's really bright for being so small," Laurie said.  The only problem is these bulbs can be hard to find, so you'll probably have to get replacements from the manufacturer. A set of three is free, just pay six dollars for shipping.   "That's not really that free,"  Laurie commented.

We just wondered why they made it with such a dorky design.  The bare bulb in an outlet with a string switch looks like something you might find in Grandma's cellar. Still Laurie thought this bulb could be a cheap solution for those dark situations.   "For the Westinghouse Stickup bulb, for ten dollars, I would give it two thumbs up."


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