Try It Review: Microfiber Magic Sponge

10:34 AM, Dec 14, 2009   |    comments
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Microfiber Magic Sponge

The Microfiber Magic Sponge says it can clean faster, easier and better without chemicals.  We review the claims. 

Heather Andrews recently had back surgery and still is not 100 percent.  So anything to help make cleaning easier is just what she is looking for.  "Without a doubt," she said, "especially with kids, the surgery, time is of the essence."  So Heather was interested in the Micro Fiber Magic Sponge's claim that it's the last sponge you'll ever own.  It's supposed to be so effective you don't even have to use cleaning chemicals.

Heather first tried it on a dirty fryer basket.  "I'm a little nervous because this is oil," she said.  The sponge has two sides, a soft absorbent side and the other with special scrubbing strips. So Heather tried washing with only plain water.  Heather was shocked with what she saw.  "Oh my gosh," she said.  "I did not expect this to wash with just warm water and no soap and it did take the grease."

Then Heather attacked the fingerprints and grime around her doors.  "Oh wow and this was without soap," she said.  Getting off scuff marks on walls with cleaning sprays is never a good idea, so Heather just used the Magic Sponge and water.  Marks she never expected to budge, disappeared.  "Perfect and it didn't take paint off the wall," she said. 

We paid $10 for a set of five sponges (four standard and a jumbo) at Bed, Bath and Beyond.   When your done just pop the dirty sponge in the dishwasher or washing machine so it's clean for the next time. So does Heather believe in magic?  "The Micro Fiber Magic Sponge," she said, "I give two thumbs up."

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