Try It Review: Driveway Patrol

6:41 PM, Dec 11, 2009   |    comments
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Driveway Patrol

Concerned about home security?  The Driveway Patrol claims it can silently monitor your driveway and alert you when a car or person approaches.  We asked a mom to review the device.

Kim Ruiz is a stay at home mom with three kids, so she is always concerned about everyone's safety. "I'm home alone a lot and the kids are there with me a lot," she said, "so I don't know who comes to my door."  So the Driveway Patrol sounded like the added security Kim was looking for.

The device is totally wireless, so installation was easy. Kim attached the transmitting sensor to her mailbox. The unit is waterproof and runs on a nine volt battery. Inside her home, she installed three "C" batteries into the portable receiver and turned it on. It was just that simple.

The outside unit has a motion sensor that detects when a car or person passes by.  The Driveway Patrol is supposed to transmit up to 400 feet but the unit did not always chime when Kim tried it in the back of the house, less than 100 feet away.   "It was kind of inconsistent," she said.  "I put it on the table at first and it wouldn't beep and then I moved it over a few inches and it started beeping."  Kim finally had to move the receiver into the front entrance about 25 feet from the sensor to get it to alert most of the time.  "I don't think the 400 foot range is accurate," she said.  "It was a lot less than that."

Kim also wished that the receiver had more than two volume settings.  "It's really loud," she said.  "I mean really, really loud even on the low setting."  It also chimes three times every time.  Something that Kim thought might get irritating.

Still Kim thought that the Driveway Patrol might be useful for someone with a small home.   "For the Driveway Patrol I give it one up and one down."

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