Try It Review: Table-Mate II

10:21 AM, Dec 8, 2009   |    comments
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Table-Mate II tray table
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  • The Table-Mate II says it has revolutionized the lowly TV tray.  But has it really?  We asked a busy coach and teacher to review it as we try it before you buy it.

    Debbie Guilbeau is on the run as teacher at St. Pius X High School where she also coaches the State Champion girls cross county team.  "A lot of meals are in front of the television," she said, "or even while doing work on the computer."

    While she had trouble identifying with the gray haired models on the box, Debbie was hoping the Table-Mate II might help out a young multi-tasker.  So she opened the box and got to work.  "Here we go," she said.  Although it only has five parts, putting the table together was harder than Debbie had expected.  "Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger could do it," she said. 

    Getting the legs to slide over the "U" tube was a really tight fit, but with a little help Debbie was finally able to get her table together.  "There we go," she said.  "That works nice."  She liked the light weight of the tray.  The Table-Mate can adjust to a height of 23 to 30 inches. It's "L" shaped legs allow you to comfortably position it over your lap.

    Debbie said the table seemed sturdy.  "So far so good," she said.  "I have enough room I can have my paper, my pencil, my laptop."   The maker says it can hold up to 50 pounds.   Debbie set a heavy plate loaded with potatoes and onions with no problem. 

    Still for a plastic and steel tray, Debbie thought the $30 price tag was a little steep for her school teacher's salary.   "I would like somebody to give this to me as a gift and I would use it," she said.  "I would definitely use it."

    It folds up compactly to store next to or even under your furniture. So does the Table-Mate II give Debbie the personal space she needs?   "I feel like I'm in my own little spot here, my own little cave," she said.  "So I definitely give this product two thumbs up."

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