Try It Review: MindFlex

12:07 PM, Dec 3, 2009   |    comments
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The MindFlex game is supposed to read your brain waves and levitate a foam ball around the board.  We have a group of 10 year-olds check it out in a Try It Before You Buy It review.

Every year there always seems to be a toy that takes the country by storm.  The MindFlex appears to be one of these.  The TV commercial says it is the game of the future.  Parents are apparently scrambling to get one.  While it retails for $100, we have seen it for sell for almost twice that.  We managed to find one for $90.

Ten year old Remi Hilton and some friends helped us see if the game is worth the money.  They couldn't contain their excitement as they opened the box.  The game comes with a console base, a head set, foam balls and various obstacles to attach to the board.  It requires 4 C batteries for the board and 2 AAA batteries for the headset.  The game says it is for kids eight years old and up.

Remi positioned the headset on her head and attached the clips to her ear lobes to begin the game.  The console fired up and the foam ball began to rise.   "Sweet," Remi exclaimed.  The mouths of her friends dropped in disbelief.  It's actually a fan that makes the ball float but the blower is supposed to be controlled by your mind. Remi practiced concentrating to make the ball rise and relaxing to let it drop.

Remi felt like she really was controlling the game with her mind and was having a great time.  With practice, she was moving the ball through various obstacles.  Her friend would cheer and clap each time the ball went through a hoop or jumped across the board.

The headset's metal probe does get uncomfortable after a while. "It hurts right here," Remi complained.  It even left a mark on her forehead.  Still Remi and her friends were loving the game.

After playing the MindFlex for about an hour, Remi and her friends conducted an experiment to see if it really was all that it claimed. So they created George, a balloon with a damp shammy for hair. The kids put the headset on balloon boy and attached the clips and guess what?  The balloon was able to make the ball rise.  "He's like super balloon," Remi said.  "It's really high concentration level and he has no brain."

Remi's opinion of the MindFlex changed.  "I think it's phony baloney,"  she said.  So for these fifth graders is it Mindflex or never mind?  "For the MindFlex we voted" Remi said.  "Two thumbs down," everyone yelled. 

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