Try It: Sonic Scrubber Power Cleaner

12:20 PM, Nov 24, 2009   |    comments
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Sonic Scrubber Power Cleaner

The Sonic Scrubber power cleaner claims that it can clean faster, easier and better, cutting scrubbing time 50 to 75 percent.  We asked a mom who likes a clean house review the claims.

April Houston works hard to have a clean home for her husband and two boys. Like most of us, she has spots that just won't clean up no matter how much elbow grease she gives it.  "This surface for whatever reason I just can not get clean," April said. 

So April was very interested in the Sonic Scrubber power cleaner and its promise to cut scrubbing time in half.  "That would save me a lot ot time to do other things with my kids," said April. 

We paid $12.99 for a Sonic Scrubber and another 10 bucks for a set of disposable scrubbing pads.  At least the package came with the 4 AA batteries it needs.   The unit has different easy attach heads for different jobs.  The Disposable scrubbing pads have velcro attachments.  Sonic Scrubber also sells a bathroom cleaner set and pro detailer tools for your car or boat. 

April knew exactly what she wanted to attack first, the drip pans on her stove top that refuse to come clean.   Aprils said the device really seemed to help.  "It definitely got all that off and I can tell how it feels, it took off some of the residue,"  she said. 

While it didn't get her stovetop looking like new again, April was pleased with the 3000 R.P.M's of cleaning power.  "I feel like it's definitely more than I could do with elbow grease."   Then April turned her attention to a stubborn scuff mark on the floor.  "It got it," she said.  "I have not been able to get that mark off with anything."

The Sonic Scrubber's ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip and gave April the extra reach she needed to easily get into tight counter top corners.  "I would buy this," she said.  "I was a little surprised." April's final verdict?  "For the Sonic Scrubber power cleaner, I would give it two thumbs up."


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