Try It: Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

10:33 AM, Nov 23, 2009   |    comments
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Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

The Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer claims it can let you make tender, juicy fried turkey in the comfort of you kitchen.  We asked a Suwanne woman to use it to make her first turkey.

Like the flavor of fried turkey? Well as your local fire department will tell you, be careful! The combination of hot oil and an open flame can turn your holiday into a nightmare.  There lots of documented cases of deck and home fires started by carelessness.  Now Masterbuilt of Columbus, GA and Butterball have now introduced a line of electric indoor fryers that promise more safety and less hassle.

Carla Gullett has fried turkeys in the outdoor cookers and likes the taste.  But not all the trouble.  The Masterbuilt Butterball fryer uses about a third less oil than the outdoor cookers. Carla poured less than two gallons of peanut oil into the boiler. It took 35 minutes for the unit to get up to 375 degrees. 

Carla put her seasoned turkey into the frying basket. The directions say you can cook up to a 14 pound bird, although 10 to 12 pounds are best.  After carefully lowering her turkey into the hot oil, Carla set the built in timer. The cooking time for her 11 pound bird was only 39 to 44 minutes.   "It was really easy to put in," Carla said.  "It did splash, so you have to do it quite quickly."

Forty-four minutes later, Carla lifted her turkey out of the oil and hooked it onto the ledge to drain for another 10 minutes.  It looked beautiful and Carla was very excited that the first turkey she had ever cooked indoors looked like such a success.  As for the taste?  "It's moist, very moist," she said.  "It tastes just like one you would bake all day long."

The Butterball Turkey Fryer has a stainless steel outer shell.  There is a folding lid with a window and grease filter.  The easy clean porcelain inner pot has a valve to drain the oil back into the bottle.  The units sell from $120 to $160 at sporting goods, department, hardware and grocery stores everywhere. 

So will there be a new holiday tradition at Carla's home?  "For the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer, I give it two drums up."

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