Try It: Touchless Soap Dispenser

4:41 PM, Nov 18, 2009   |    comments
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Simple Human Sensor Soap Pump, Touchless Dispenser

The Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump claims it can make your home healthier by automatically dispensing soap without touching a thing.  We ask a mother and nurse to check it out.

Everyone is worried about catching the cold or flu, especially with all the talk about the H1N1 virus.  One way the experts say to protect yourself is by washing your hands frequently with soap and water.  The Sensor Pump dispenser claims it can prevent the spread of germs with it's touch-free action.

Rebecca Rogers is a nurse and new mom.  She is concerned about keeping nine month old Amelia healthy.  "You want to make sure that you keep everything clean and don't spread germs and just make sure she doesn't get sick," she said.  So we asked her to test the $40 Simplehuman Sensor Soap pump.

She put 2 AA batteries into the unit and followed the directions which includes priming the pump.  There are four different setting which give you different amounts of soap.  You there is also a manual mode if you need more soap for the job.  Another cool feature, the unit has a light that blinks for 20 seconds, the recommended time that you should wash your hands.

Unfortunately to get the soap to pump out, Rebecca had to press her finger against the sensor.  "Not a whole lot going on here," she said.  "I'm pretty much having to touch the sensor to get the soap to dispense."  Rebecca was pretty disappointed.  "Okay, if I'm having to touch it to get it to dispense, that's not doing me a whole lot of good."

So after several tries, Rebecca called the toll free customer service number for help.  "So you just think it's a bad sensor that we need to fix," Rebecca asked the agent.  Simplehuman told her she could return the unit to the store for a refund or ship it to the company for replacement.  After further investigation we discovered that our bright TV lights seemed to be interfering with the sensor.  Bright sunlight from the window also cause a problem.   

"My sink is in front of the window so that's where I would want my soap not across the room where it's going to be dark," Rebecca said.  She didn't think the product was dependable enough for the money.  "I give it a two thumbs down."

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