MOVIE REVIEW | The Bourne Legacy

8:13 AM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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The latest Bourne movie, actually doesn't have Jason Bourne in it at all. It does however have Aaron Cross, who is like Bourne, but version 3.0. This movie is not a direct sequel of the three previous Bourne movies...its more of a sideways storyline.

Jeremy Renner portrays Aaron Cross, whom we meet at the beginning of the movie diving into a frozen lake of the frozen Alaskan countryside, in a sort of homage to the opening scene from the Bourne Identity. The movie does a nice job of tying in scenes and scenarios of the Bourne Ultimatum, which is essentially the launch point of this movie. Jason Bourne singlehandedly ripped Operation Blackbriar apart. As a result, Eric Byer (Edward Norton), who is in charge of all the Department of Defense's black ops programs, decides to remove anything linking the US to any of the black ops programs the CIA is using. This includes the deep cover agents and scientists working on the program.

Then the pursuit begins!

Overall it is a pretty "cookie cutter" Bourne movie. There is great action, solid fighting choreography and plenty of car chases...but it just misses something. Maybe...Jason Bourne? The chemistry that Damon had with director Paul Greengrass had to put on the great action that was in the previous movies was just missing. This film is directed by Tony Gilroy (Duplicty, Michael Clayton) who wrote the screenplay for the previous Bourne movies.

The bottom line? I liked the movie, it should have been a generic CIA thriller, not part of the Bourne canon. If you wait for DVD you won't be upset, but I probably wouldn't spend money on it for the theater.

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