MOVIE REVIEW | The Amazing Spider-Man

9:05 AM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
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I believe that I speak for a lot of movies when I say that I am getting tired of reboots of movies, let alone reboots of movies only 10 years old. However, I must admit, this is the way the Spider-Man movies should be! The Amazing Spider-Man brings together a solid storyline, strong cast and the best CGI yet!

Mark Webb (am I the only one that finds this ironically funny? Maybe...) directs this flick, with the only previous full length movie on his resume being (500) Days of Summer. Even so, he does a phenomenal job. He brings together the lovely Emma Stone who stars as Gwen Stacey opposite Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker (a.k.a Spider-Man); Dennis Leary plays Gwen's father and Police captain; Martin Sheen and Sally Field star as Uncle Ben and Aunt May; and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Conners (a.k.a. the Lizard). These are all very strong actors with plenty on their resume. It brings the quality of the film to a new standard, and slightly more serious standard than the previous films.

The storyline is a bit different then before. This film takes a stronger look at what happened to Peter's parents. Most of the time they are written off as dead from an accident, which is what is attributed this time. But its the reasoning behind their living that is brought into the light. Peter's father leaves them with his brother, Ben, as he and his wife try to escape the reaches of Oscorp as they try to find out his equation for cross species genetics (intro the Lizard here) that he believes is too dangerous for anyone to have.

Now, usually I despise 3D with every fiber of my being...however, I loved it in this film! Every scene is crisp and bright, no having to readjust your eyes every few minutes during the action and it pulls the perspectives in nicely. There are several scenes that are first-person from Spider-Man's be weary if you get motion sickness. I get it slightly, but it wasn't too bad. 3D aside the graphics are phenomenal. The final act of the movie is jaw droppingly amazing...simply fantastic!

So what's the bottom line? See it. See it right now. In theatres. In 3D. And IMAX if its in IMAX near you. If its not pack a lunch a drive, its worth the trip!

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