Border Collie puppies stolen

9:32 AM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
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  • PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. -- All Keith and Cindy Barnes wanted to do when their dog had puppies was find them a good home and a good family. But four of their Border Collie puppies were stolen and now they worry about them being abused.

    PHOTOS | Stolen Bordie Collie puppies

    Keith and Cindy Barnes advertised the puppies on Ebay and had already sold four of the eight that were born.

    "We were trying to sell them to families and make them a good pet because a Border Collie makes a perfect pet for a family," Keith Barnes said.

    But on Oct. 24, someone went into the barn at the couple's Jasper home and stole the remaining four dogs.

    "Every day now I think, well I hope they're not being abused or something is wrong with them," Keith Barnes said.

    Barnes is now suspicious about a call from a potential buyer he received before the puppies were stolen.

    "The question they asked was if the dogs had (tracking) chips," he said. "I didn't think about it until the next day."

    Keith and Cindy Barnes said their biggest concern is the dogs.

    "It's not about trying to sell them to make money," Keith Barnes said. "We love the animals, and more than anything my wife's heart has just been broken."

    If you recently bought a Border Collie puppy or if you know someone who is selling Border Collie puppies, call the Pickens County Sheriff's Office at 706-253-8900.

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