Help Desk: Suwanee Phone Scam Alert

5:57 PM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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Several Suwanee residents have fallen victim to suspicious phone calls believed to be phone scams, and the 11Alive Help Desk wants you to be cautious and on alert for the scammer.

Suwanee police are asking residents to be cautions of a man who's been making phone calls, claiming to be a police officer collecting fines. The caller is telling residents they will be arrested if they do not immediately pay the fine, and offers to take a credit card number over the phone.

Authorities tell us that if you are in trouble with the police department, you will get a summons to court; you will never be threatened to make a payment over the phone. If you believe you have received this phone scam contact the Suwanee Police Department directly at (770) 945-8995, and they will file a report.

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