Atlanta becoming Southeast "Silicon Valley"

6:42 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Looking for a career in high-tech?

There's no need to go west to Silicon Valley, just look to Atlanta, where investors and big companies are moving, and bringing with them almost 3,000 jobs, the latest being AT&T with 600 new openings.

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The goal is to capitalize on an educated and tech-savvy workforce in an environment where employees and families can find an affordable cost of living.

With 16,000 new high tech jobs created in Metro Atlanta over the past two years, the question is why Atlanta?

"When you have the engineering talent, when you have the infrastructure, Hartsfield-Jackson, and a business community and government leaders and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, all so supportive of wanting to grow business, and you put them together, very few cities have the same attractiveness that Atlanta has, "said John Yates, a leading tech sector attorney with Morris, Manning & Martin.

Topping the list of companies, General Motors with 1,000 openings, AirWatch with 800, and InfoSystems with 200.

The opportunities have already put Atlanta in the top four highest ranked high-tech cities in the nation, with it being first in three specialties.

"Health information technology, financial technologies and communications services," said Tino Mantella, President of the Technology Assocation of Georgia.

And as Mantella says, why go west.

"There are jobs here. The jobs pay an average of $81,000 a year, which is twice the national average." 

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