Help Desk: Who to call when trees fall

6:21 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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With cold, heavy winds whipping through the state, many Georgia residents are having a hard time believing that spring will make its debut anytime soon.

Heavy winds bring the possibility of trees, both healthy and damaged, to come toppling down. The 11Alive Help Desk wants you to know who to call to report a fallen tree.

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First, if a tree has come down on a public street, residents can contact their local Public Works - Roads & Bridges Division office or their local Department of Transportation.  These entities will document the location of the fallen tree, and handle the removal process.

Second, if a tree falls on wires around your home, it is important to call your local police, fire or power companies.  They will take the proper precautions if a possibility for 'live' wires exist. 

Third, if a tree from your property falls inside of your property lines, it is your responsibility to hire a trusted tree removal service to remove the tree.  

If a neighbors tree falls on your property, it is also your responsibility to pay to have the tree removed.  Reversely, it would be your neighbor's responsibility to pay to have a tree removed from their property if it fell from your property lines.

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