Help Desk: Avoid Vacation Scams

6:47 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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Spring and summer vacations are approaching, and this year there are more vacation scams out there, according to the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.

The 11Alive Help Desk wants you to know how to avoid getting scammed this season.

RESOURCE GUIDE | Protecting against vacation scams

More and more people are receiving postcards in the mail from travel companies falsely advertising free round-trip airline tickets. In return, consumers are asked to attend a sales presentation about travel club memberships. They are then assured major travel discounts once they become a member. In actuality, these discounts are made up or sometimes even offer the same rates that known travel websites offer.

If you received a vacation offer and it appears to be fraudulent, contact the Postal Inspection Service.

"We continue to hear from Georgians who are questioning the legitimacy of advertised vacation deals," says John Sours, the Administrator of the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.

Before you decide to use a travel company, Sours also recommends for consumers to, "Investigate and compare offers before spending their hard earned money. Among other things, thoroughly review the terms of the agreement, verify any alleged price discount, learn the refund terms and cancellation policies."

Be sure to check the travel company's reputation or if any complaints exist at the Better Business Bureau. In addition, verify if the company is registered with the American Society of Travel Agents

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