Healthcare job fair draws thousands but cut short

8:02 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA--In this economy, when word spreads that jobs are available, the crowds quickly gather.

And it sure was the case Wednesday at a Job Fair offering hundreds of opportunities at Northside Hospital.

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The line wrapped around the Marriott Courtyard twice before Hospital officials had to close it down, but not before traffic jammed Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and I-285.

With healthcare a prime field to find jobs, more than 2,000 applicants showed up for today's event.  All told, in Georgia, more than 355,000 are employed in the field.

After Hospital recruiters closed down the line, they assured job seekers they would schedule another Fair in the near future so everyone would be interviewed.

But hope ran high for those who braved the rain and waited.

"I hope to find something like a patient care tech in the field. I got certificates, everything but experience," said Reg Gre, a job applicant.

Northside jobs will range from food service to maintenance and from patient care to skilled nursing.

Debbie Kish, a Registered Nurse, is looking for a position in Labor and Delivery but with the long lines, she's worried about her chances.

"I have 3 college students living with me and we're trying to scrimp and make it and I am an excellent nurse, but with this crowd I don't know, maybe slim to none but I'm standing in the rain hoping," she said.

And Kish is not alone; Frizell Palmer is also out in the rain and has been out of work for 2 years.

He wants a job in maintenance or food service.

"I am a veteran and I've been out of work for a long time. I'm an older senior and I feel like I am capable of working and I want to continue working," he said.

Whether just starting out or coming to the Job Fair with years of experience, health care jobs are up more than 3% and everyone on this line figures they have a chance to get one.

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