Holiday gift returns, some "yes," some "no"

5:56 PM, Dec 25, 2012   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Help Desk How to Return

ATLANTA -- On Christmas morning, among the shouts of joy and the hugs of excitement family members will have questions like "What is that?" and do I really didn't need this? And on Wednesday morning, sometimes a buy becomes a return. 

If you get a gift you want to return, your most important first step is don't throw anything in the box away -- keep the receipt and know where the gift was purchased.

Know what you can return and what you can't.

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"If you open a CD, DVD, Blue Ray or Video Game, Software or anything like that, you cannot return those if they are opened. If they are unopened, then you can definitely return it," said Jeremy Crow, store manager at a local Best Buy. 

But policies on the big ticket items at most stores are more flexible.

"You can return TV's, cameras, computers, tablets, anything like that, even if you've opened them and used them," Crow added.

But don't try to scam the system--you could get caught.

"People do try to return things they bought 3-4-5 years ago," he said.

Keep in mind when you do reach the return counter that you will only get store credit or cash on what was actually paid for the item.

But for all the people who do head to the return counter, there are some who just take a deep breath, no matter what the gift.

"The worst gift I ever got was a set of binoculars with a camera in it. It was absolutely the worst gift but I kept it because it was a gift. Somebody put some thought into it, just the wrong thought," said Shawn Johnson, a holiday shopper.

He said he left the gift in the original box, and put it in a drawer where it has been for 2 years.

To make things easier for our viewers who won't put gifts in the drawer, the 11Alive Help Desk has put together a special resource page with Wednesday morning store opening times; deadlines for making holiday returns, and helpful tips on returns.

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