HELP DESK | Get Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

9:47 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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Carbon monoxide detectors (AP)

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Colorless, odorless carbon monoxide can kill quickly and with no warning.

To protect yourself, purchase either a carbon monoxide detector or a joint carbon monoxide/smoke detector

Install the joint Smoke/CO Detector on the ceiling, but if you have just a CO Detector, install low and near sleeping areas and install your Smoke Detector higher.

Be sure to test the units once a month and put in new batteries once a year

Engage a technician to inspect all of your gas appliances, including gas stoves, hot water heaters and furnaces and do it on a regular basis.

If you use a gas fired space heater indoors, make certain it is vented properly to the outside, and if you use a generator, use it only outside and make sure it is vented away from the house.

And never idle a car in your garage. It is the greatest source of CO that can invade your home and cause a silent death.

(If you are in need of a detector and cannot afford one, you can call your local Atlanta Fire Department Fire Station and they will supply one as long as supplies last)

For more information, visit the 11Alive Help Desk online. 

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