Delta ticket scam targets unsuspecting

10:44 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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FILE - A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757. (Image Courtesy: Delta Air Lines)

ATLANTA, Ga. -- As websites make it easier for shoppers and travelers to get just about anything, thieves are taking advantage of it by closing in with phony websites that resemble the real thing.

This scam has opened a gateway for scams that Internet experts call a 'billion dollar shadow industry.' At the top of the list, the Atlanta based Delta Airlines.

According to users targeted by this scam, the scammers send out official looking emails telling them a ticket has been purchased and their credit card has been charged. Some emails even include invoices for the supposed purchases.

"People will usually have a panic response of some type and will try and click on links that are contained in that email." said Paul Royal, Associate Director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

According to Royal, the best advice is to not open the 'sketchy' links or attachments. And to not be fooled by how easy clicking the link may seem. If you open these dangerous links, you could be in danger of losing all of your personal information.

"Once you click on that link you set in motion a sequence of events that will result in malicious software being installed in your computer, laptop or desktop," Royal added.

Delta Airlines is warning it's customers that scams like the ticket purchase are circulating worldwide.

"If it's an airline ticket that you didn't buy, don't click on the links in the email. Go to the airline website or call the airline directly," Royal said.

Before you link to a page or open an attachment that can lead to losing your personal information, take a moment and visit the 11Alive Help Desk.

The Help Desk Team has assembled some important tips and information to help you avoid becoming a victim of online airline scams.

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