MARTA passengers double billed on breeze cards

6:53 PM, Sep 28, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- MARTA is experiencing even more problems with the MARTA Breeze Card.

First, the system faced issues with using credit and debit cards and now the problem is: double billing.

MARTA has received hundreds of complaints. Among them, a passenger who was kicked off the bus and told there was no money left on his card.

MARTA admits it was a mistake but says the problem is in the software. 

Yvon Mars figured he would bypass the credit and debit card issues and crank cash onto the card -- $5 a day to cover his round-trip between the Lindbergh Station and East Point, with a free bus transfer. And he had enough money on the card to cover it.

But there was no free transfer. Every time he used the card he got hit with another full fare. 

Mars' issue went unnoticed until he got on the bus and swiped the card for the transfer. 

"He kicked me off the bus. He basically told me I didn't have enough fare. Pay or get off," Mars said.

"I am supposed to get a free transfer to tap on to the bus but when I tried to tap on the bus--a lot of times it has happened already. It takes an extra fare from my card instead of just a transfer," he emphasized.

"To put in the hard work and to be an honest person and to be kicked off the bus and treated that way. I was treated more or less like a criminal whereas MARTA was the victim, but it seems to be the other way around," Mars said.

MARTA admits there is a problem with its software and says although it has a fix in place, issues will continue.

"We have already taken some steps to correct this problem with the clocks when they get out of sync. We want to make sure they are better synchronized and we are working to get that fixed," said Lyle Harris, MARTA Spokesperson.

MARTA is now taking extra steps to insure passengers like Mr. Mars are not asked to get off the bus when the Breeze Card is at fault.

"We know it's a problem so we are letting our operators know right now that they should give some discretion and give a little leeway and license to customers who come and have the same complaint as Mr. Mars," Harris said.

MARTA also says its customer service agents will give immediate refunds to anyone affected by this latest issue. 

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