Georgia 400 commuter gets a big surprise of a bill

8:30 PM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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Georgia 400 Toll Plaza

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Thousands of commuters use the Cruise Lanes every day on Georgia 400. They think they are being charged 50 cents on their Peach Pass. But for one commuter, a notice in the mail came as quite a shock.

In late August, Kevin Coffey opened some mail that blew him away.

"I received a bill from the Georgia Road & Tollway Authority for $994. I was totally shocked to go out to my mailbox, open the mail and see this huge bill. It was crazy," Coffey said.

Coffey said he could not believe how long it took for him to get the notice.

"The first violation was at the end of June and I didn't get the bill until the middle of August, that's over 45 days from the time they said I had a violation," he said.

Coffey was told his credit card had expired and he was fined $25 every time he went through the Cruise Lane with his Peach Pass. Fact was, he says, the credit card was good until the middle of next year.

He started calling the Tollway Authority customer service line to try to get things cleared up.

"She told me I was responsible for it. She told me that she would do me a favor and knock off $20 each time so I would still owe them a few hundred dollars for all the fines," Coffey said.

He tried to take it to a manager.

"They told me that somebody would call me back and nobody called me back. I left several messages for her and then I decided to give you (11Alive's Help Desk) a call," he said.

11Alive's Help Desk contacted the Tollway Authority and within hours the fines were wiped out.

In a prepared statement, the Road & Tollway Authority said:

"Since first receiving correspondence from Mr. Coffey, we reviewed his account and helped resolve his violation issues." 

Coffey is now back to using his Peach Pass for driving the Cruise Card lanes, and paying his regular 50 cent toll.

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