Total fix for Peoplestown flooding a year away

8:35 PM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Back-to-back rainstorms in late July have overwhelmed the drainage systems in Peoplestown and caused serious flooding in buildings in that Atlanta neighborhood.

After an outcry from Peoplestown homeowners and from 11Alive News, city officials have committed to working overtime to fix the problem.

The repairs are starting with a series of neighborhood projects on higher ground in Mechanicsville to slow the flow of water through drainage pipes in that part of the city. Atlanta Watershed Management is building a series of storage tanks to relieve the pressure on the water so it does not overwhelm the drainage system.

"Each of these short term projects, although they might look small to the neighborhood, will cumulatively begin to address the localized flooding problems," said Atlanta Watershed commissioner Jo Ann Macrina.

While the projects will begin to address the flooding, they will not solve the problems completely.

Macrina says the projects are designed to slow down the water flow and pressure, so lids don't blow off with water cascading down into neighborhood homes.

But how long will it take before residents in Peoplestown see a true solutions?

"With the larger projects to be completed it will be approximately a year from now," Macrina said.

Kevin Lynch is a Peoplestown homeowner whose basement and garage were flooded in the last series of storms. He says he's willing to take the city officials at their word and wait for the solution.

"The people that live here understand that this is a systemic problem so I don't think we should have unrealistic expectations about what the fix looks like or how long it takes. Not being an expert I would like to believe them," he said.

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