Help Desk helps Rome family get special van

3:50 PM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
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ROME, Ga. -- The story of Joshua Colvin can be told in ten seconds by his dad.

"He's 9 years-old, and has cerebral palsy, but he's the happiest kid in the world," says Zahary Colvin.

This story is about the weeks of great deeds that were done for this one happy child,  and the one giant-sized vehicle that now carries him. 

"We call it the Joshie Mobile," his dad says.

And when Josh and his family ride in the Joshie Mobile; it's one heck of a time. 

Up until very recently, the Colvin family didn't have this vehicle and they didn't always need it.

But with Josh growing, his parents Zach and Nicole struggled to afford a car that could transport Josh while keeping him in his wheelchair. 

"He has his good days and bad days like anybody else, and
Sometimes he can't vocalize what he wants, and we just don't know," Zach says.

First -- they turned to their church in Rome, Georgia.

An anonymous $2,000 donor gave the family the money to, at least, buy the van. But they still needed to come up with monthly payments -- which they say as quite a financial burden for a family simply trying to do right for their smiling son.

Unbeknownst to the family, Kathy Colvin, Josh's grandmother and Zach's Mom had made a request to the 11Alive Help Desk and within a day they had received a call from Bill Liss. 

"We originally got a Facebook request from the grandmother telling us about it," Liss said.

"When he told me we could come up with this money, I just
laughed," Kathy Colvin said.

"How in the world are you going to come up with that kind
of money?" she asked."

"We don't raise money directly, but the idea was to get the
community together," Liss added.

In this case, the community meant a credit union, the car dealer that sold the van in the first place, and the Rome Police Department, where father Zach works and had been named Police Officer of the Year, last year.

"The employees in the department have taken up an offering; we call it a love offering," said Elaine Snow, Rome's Police Chief.

"We never had a doubt that we'd be able to get the money
together; what we didn't expect was that we'd have enough money left over to get the family gasoline for a whole year," Liss said.

And once all that was done, it was time to tell Josh that the Joshie
Mobile was his family's to keep.

It was presented to Josh on his 9th birthday as the Rome Police Department looked on and cheered outside of Police Headquarters.

"What we have to celebrate is a completely fully paid, all
done, Certificate of Title for your van," Liss said.

It's a stunning story of a community coming together. 

"I wasn't ready for it; I didn't know all this was going to happen," Zach Colvin said.

A demonstration of what can be done in the name of family and kindness. 

"You don't realize who's paying attention, and you don't
expect it all the time," he added.

Or, in this case, of the efforts to make the happiest kid in the world.

Or in this case, just a little bit happier.

Making it Happen:

     *Automax Rent-A-Car of Rome

     *Sherold Salmon Auto Superstore of Rome

     *Family Savings Credit Union

     *The Rome Police Department

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