Home renovations start in Snellville for Aimee Copeland

7:06 AM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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Crews are retrofitting Aimee Copeland's family home in Snellville.

SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- For Aimee Copeland, now in a rehabilitation facility, a community is coming together to renovate her home so she will enjoy every comfort and be able to easily get around.

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The first thing to go is an outdoor deck on the back of the house.

It is being torn down by a group of local volunteers, whose efforts are being coordinated by a Gwinnett County contractor.

In its place will be a two-story 1,800 square foot fully accessible living space specifically designed to accommodate Aimee Copeland. It will take six to eight weeks to complete that project.

For Casey Moon, a general and renovation contractor, volunteering was as easy decision, and his friends lined up right behind him.

"How can you not want to help?" Moon said. "I've always been that way. I was raised that way. My family raised me to help and that's what I truly try to do."

"I have kids of my own, and it's just touches everybody's heart and you want to come out and help," added Josh Silvers, a volunteer.

"I'm just out here to help," said Garrett Nordille, another volunteer.

"I have two children of my own and I can only imagine something like this happening and wanted to stop here and help them out a little bit," he added.

And with temperatures hovering in the 90's, ripping apart a deck is tough work.

The 11Alive Help Desk caught the volunteers in a short break.

What did they want most?

"Water. Gatorade, anything to keep you hydrated would be good," Silvers said.

So off the Help Desk went to pick up an ample supply and make a quick roundtrip.

"That's good stuff," the volunteers said as they polished off bottles of Gatorade.

When the construction is all finished and everything is in place, one thing will remain through it all - a small fig tree given to Aimee Copeland by her grandfather. It is being kept in place and won't be touched.

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