Local woman turns down water bill adjustment, gets new meter

8:13 PM, Jun 24, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Just when you thought skyrocketing Atlanta water bills and troubles with faulty electronic water meters was over -- it may be coming back.

Blayne Beacham, an Atlanta homeowner, is fighting both a $9,000 water bill and her water meter.

She says she's not alone and has emails and Facebook entries to prove it.

But all she wanted, she says, was a new meter to prove that her skyrocketing bills were inaccurate. 

In an interview yesterday, Jo Ann Macrina, the Atlanta Commissioner of Watershed Management, assured the Help Desk that Beacham's case would get action after her water meter data recorder was reviewed.

However, out of nowhere Beacham got a call from Watershed Management.

Beacham was informed that her bill would be adjusted from $9,000 to $900.

She says she was also told the data recorder that was installed on her meter didn't work.

She turned down the bill adjustment saying it was unfair.

After that, Watershed showed up with a brand new meter. It's something she's been trying to get for a year.

"I'm obviously happy to have the new meter but it just seems ridiculous that you have to go to such great lengths to bring such scrutiny to the problem when there are so many people around Atlanta who are having high water bills who call and they can't get any attention," she said.

"I fought this for a year to get this. I probably spent 50 hours working on this problem trying to get a new meter and you should be able to call the (Watershed) Department, get a new meter and they should accept some of the blame," she added.

"People are not crazy to call with high bills. They should accept that people are telling the truth and try to help them," Beacham said.

For Beacham, talks with Watershed will continue before she pays the $900 charge. 

If you are having any issues with your water bill or your meter, our Help Desk has a rundown of where to go for assistance. 

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