Scammers targeting AT&T, Verizon Wireless customers

6:52 AM, Apr 21, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA) -- An email scam targeting wireless customers is now sweeping the internet.

The scammers are targeting customers with AT&T and Verizon Wireless, sending bills that look like the real thing.

They start on the website by using a legitimate phrase -- "Your wireless bill is ready to view."

But a little further down is "balance due." Totals are way off the mark and that's the giveaway.

The numbers are designed by the scammers to get the user to log in to the website, but the site you will log into is a fake. That's where the user can get hooked.

Unwitting customers are asked to type in personal information, including passwords, birthdates and home addresses.

Despite all that, there are warning signs customers can look for.

"Look at the email sender first. Make sure that email makes sense to you. The latest one makes no sense. It's not an AT&T email address. Also important, in an email notification to customers that the bill is ready, which we send out regularly, we never put the amount of the bill in that email, never," said Joe Chandler, a senior executive at AT&T Wireless.

Keep in mind that major companies, utilities, banks and retailers do not put any financial information on the unsecured face of an email.

  • Delete suspected scam sites at once no matter how official they look.
  • Watch for key phrases like "urgently needed" and for words that are misspelled.
  • Never open attachments to any email that you are not totally familiar with.
  • Never supply any personal information like social security numbers except on secure sites where you know the source.

And don't ever be fooled by an official looking company logo. Scammers know just how to copy them so they look just like the real article. If you have any doubts about an email you have received, call the company involved at once, or open a brand new browser window and go directly to the company's official website for further information.

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