Jerry's Journey: Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

6:12 PM, Feb 4, 2012   |    comments
The author of Jerry's Journey is alive and well and still rambling about his experiences with prostate cancer.
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RIP Jerry Carnes.

Rereading Is Paramount.

Last week's blog entry from yours truly is a classic example of the need to employ a second set of eyes before submitting your thoughts to the world wide web. There was nothing wrong with the subject matter. My intent was to pay homage to Conrad Fink, a former newspaper reporter and professor who succumbed after a twenty year brawl with prostate cancer. He was a journalist and teacher at my alma mater. Both of our lives had intersected with a disease that has little regard for education or work ethic. He was the perfect subject for my musings.

My submission came straight from the heart.

I should have added a little more brain.

The problem came when I posted my entry to There was nothing wrong with the blog itself. The issue was with the way it appeared on the web site's front page. I used my picture to alert readers to my continued ramblings on the subject of cancer. Along with my photograph I added a brief description of my blog. It read like this:

"Prostate cancer claimed a valued journalist and teacher who bravely and quietly battled the disease for twenty years."

These words along with my photograph cause an audible gasp among several of my co-workers.

They thought I'd died.


It wasn't until they'd opened the blog and began to read that they realized it was another journalist with prostate cancer who'd passed. We shared a chuckle about it Monday morning. They didn't mention that they were relieved to see me upright and breathing. I can only assume.

This is the kind of faux pas that leads to people reading their own obituary in the morning paper. Jerry Miller knows what I'm talking about. The former Army drill Sergeant's estate has received several letters from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs expressing sympathy over his passing. Jerry Miller is very much alive.

"They've killed me four times," Miller is quoted as saying.

Thankfully, I've pulled the plug on myself only once.

At least it was only a literary termination that is easily reversed. Allow this blog to serve as notice that reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Now, if only I had Mark Twain to proof read this before I post it.

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