Block Cell Phone Signals in the Car

5:19 PM, Jul 5, 2010   |    comments
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The TsTStopper is supposed to disable cell use inside a vehicle once a car is put into drive.

ATLANTA - A local company is wasting no time capitalizing on Georgia's new texting and driving law. If you're looking for something to block all cell communications from inside your vehicle, TxTStopper has it.

We got a demonstration of the device which is hidden under the dash and inaccessible to anyone who wants to dismantle it. It had some hiccups but it did work, cutting off cell calls, email, and text transmissions. It sounds like a great device for parents who want to block their teens from using a cell phone while driving. Unlike apps this is difficult to remove. It works when the car is put into drive and is supposed to block all cell signals from inside the vehicle.

The man behind it, Terrence Williams, was highly motivated after his teenage daughter crashed two vehicles. "She totaled 2 cars by being on the phone. So I'm passionate about it," Williams said following the demonstration. He's started importing the device from China and wouldn't give us the name of the manufacturer.

However, there are still some questions about whether the TxtStopper is legal. The FCC told the Center for Investigative Action that, "All cell jammers are illegal." It has listed some electronic devices on its website that it hasn't objected to.
Williams said he's heard it before, "For whatever reason everyone wants to socialize it as a jammer. It's not a jammer but a radio frequency device. It is a signal management module."

The Driver Education Foundation of America is getting behind it. At a cost of $199 Melody Gullet thinks it's worth the money. "The driver can concentrate and keep eyes on the road. It's not cheap but it's worth a life."


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