Home Depot provides fresh 'coat' of hope

7:18 PM, Sep 14, 2012   |    comments
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SUWANEE, Ga. -- Inspiration is alive here.  In a time when many businesses are struggling, it's rare to find a company willing to give its product away.

But Friday, a metro Atlanta store manager heard the heartbreaking story behind a customer's effort to return a purchase.  It inspired a Random Act of Kindness.

In 1996, then 32-year-old Eric Butcher was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He had surgery, then a stroke, and yet he recovered.

He thought the brain tumor was gone until two weeks ago when he discovered it was back, joining the cancer in his hip and liver.

Never one to sit still, Eric decided he would stain 300 feet of aging backyard fence before starting a fresh round of radiation.  It wasn't until after he'd purchased all the supplies that he realized the job was too much.  He took it all back to the Buford Home Depot.

Home Depot employee Robin Davis overheard Eric Butcher's story.  She talked to her bosses and came back with a proposal.

Within two hours, employees of Home Depot were in Eric Butcher's yard, priming and staining at no charge.

In 1996 doctors told Eric Butcher he wouldn't live more than six months.  Now he faces the future with a fresh new look at hope.

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