An unexpected payback for fire fighters

11:48 PM, May 25, 2012   |    comments
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MILTON, Ga -- A Milton family found a way to express their gratitude to fire fighters who responded to a fire at their home last January. Dr. Jacqueline Pearson and Dr. John Pearson said their house wouldn't't be standing today if it were not for their quick response.

"Without question," Dr. Jacqueline Pearson said. "They were speedy to get there, decisive in their actions and I now have a house to show for it."

On January 11, 2012, the Pearson woke up to a loud boom when lightning struck their home on Birmingham Road. After calling 911, fire fighters from Milton Fire Department's Station 43 were at her home within minutes. The fire was contained to the attic just minutes before it would have spread to the rest of the home.

"If the crew that responds to that was not as efficient and fast as they were the outcome could have been tremendously different," said Deputy Fire Chief Mark Stephens.

The Pearson's realize that and paid tribute to the Fire Department by hanging a banner on the front gate to their home for everyone to see. It read "Thank You Milton FD."

"That was a shocker and that was really special and it really did mean a lot to us," Dep. Chief Stephens said. The Pearson's also sent over a catered meal to the fire station.

But somehow they felt they owed the fire fighters more. So last Saturday, when the city solicited volunteers to help clean up the property around the fire station, the Pearsons volunteered. "They needed a volunteer crew to come out and do some landscaping, it's something we love to do, so it seemed a natural fit to come and donate some time," Dr. Pearson said.

Dr. Pearson, her husband and their two children showed up to work. But that wasn't all. They own a landscaping company on the side called Limelight Landscaping, and brought a crew with them and tons of plants to decorate the grounds. "They brought their whole family, brought a landscaping crew with tons of equipment and they really made a big impact here at the station for us," Dep. Chief Stephens said.

"You know, they answered my call on January 11th so we answered their call," Dr. Pearson said.

"Firemen are in this business to help people and when the people recognize that, it really warms the heart and makes you proud of what you do," the Deputy Chief said.

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