Pretty in Pink: Breast cancer makeovers

11:39 PM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Beth Borden-Goodman calls herself the "pink diva."

"I sprinkle pink wherever I go," she said.

She's not your typical breast-cancer survivor.

"I'm not a survivor; I'm a conqueror," she added.

But she's fighting the same battle as thousands of other women, and doing it with style.

"Being bald was the best time of my life," Goodman said. "I would love to be bald today, but my husband and children are not having it."

She and her pink sisters got the chance to take a break and feel appreciated.

The Weave Shop gave free makeovers to 30 brave women - all breast-cancer survivors, all nominated by family and friends.

"We will be creating customized wigs, we will also provide sew ins," said Latonya Saunderson, founder of The Weave Shop. "Whatever the women want, we're going to give it to them."

The shop wants  the women to feel as fabulous on the outside as they are on the inside.

"Today, you saw women crying while other women were talking; you saw women sharing their stories," said April Love, who has been in remission for four months.  "Now you can see them sharing their beauty."

But the hair and makeup were just a small part of the surprise.

They got to hear from reality TV-star Towanda Braxton.

"Breast cancer has its benefits. I got new girls and I got to meet one of my girls that I love," said Goodman.  "She's my girl in my head."

Braxton knows first-hand the struggle these women have overcome, a fight that many women lose.

"It is very personal for me," Braxton said.  "My grandmother passed away from breast cancer."

She also understands how a simple day of pampering can forever change the lives of these courageous women.

"You don't have a choice but to feel good," Goodman said.  "Because when you feel good, you look good, and when you look good-you feel better."

To nominate a loved one for a free makeover, email

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