Matt McQuinn
Famous for their elaborate Hallowe'en costumes and fun-loving attitudes, Matt McQuinn, 27, and girlfriend Samantha Yowler, moved to Colorado from Ohio in November 2011.

Matt and Samantha are remembered by friends as a loving couple. Kellie Wall, a Target co-worker of Matt's described how he would bring Samantha lunch.

"He would bring her lunch all the time and sit there the whole time with her at lunch,"

And the couple's love was evident.

"I think they were just really devoted to each other, and they had the sparkle of love in their eyes when they looked at each other."

Matt went to the movie with Samantha and her brother, Nick, who also lives in Colorado.

When the gunfire started, both Nick and Matt covered Samantha with their bodies to protect her from the bullets. Nick miraculously avoided injury, Samantha suffered a gun shot wound to her knee and tragically, Matt was fatally shot.

Matt's stepfather told the Dayton Daily News he wasn't surprised that Matt would sacrifice himself for Samantha. Matt's first thought, he said, would be for his girlfriend.

McQuinn is from Butler Township in Montgomery County, Ohio. He was a graduate of Butler-Vandalia High School.
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