Jon Blunk
More than steller! This is how Mark Kvidera, Jon Blunk's boss described one of his very best workers.

"[Jon was] one of the kind of guys that walks into the shop everyday with a big smile on his face and brightens the atmosphere,"

When Jon didn't show up for work at the small flooring company, it was so unusual that Kvidera knew something was terribly wrong.

Jon reportedly had moved to Colorado to start a new portion of his life. Jon attended the midnight showing with Jansen Young, his girlfriend who he had been dating since October 2011. And when the shooting started, Jon pushed Jansen to the ground and covered her with his body.

"Jon just took a bullet for me," Jansen says. She is certain she would not have survived without him being in the theater with her.

"Jon is the kind of guy that would save [someone]. It doesn't matter who is in harm's way, he is going to save them [and] protect them." says Kvidera about Jon sacrificing himself to protect Jansen.

Jon was formerly in the military and, according to Jansen, was planning to re-enlist.

Jon is survived by an estranged wife, Chantel, and two children who all live in Reno, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old.

Kvidera, seeking to do something to help, set up a Memorial Fund for Jon's children. If you want to donate to the fund, you can do so at any Wells Fargo location in Jon Blunk's name.
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