Alex Teves
There are good people in this world and 24 year-old Alex Teves was one of them.

"That's probably the first thing [people say about him], how absolutely hilarious he was," Ryan Cooper said. He's known Teves since middle school in Phoenix.

The two went to college together and were really close.

"We weren't so much friends as we were more like brothers," Cooper said.

Friday, Teves went to the movies with his girlfriend Amanda Lindgren. The two were together for more than a year. They were in theater nine.

Lindgren can't go back to that night but says Teves saved her life.

"He just protected me. I'll just tell you he protected me," a tearful Lindgren said. "My baby didn't hesitate. I was very confused, and he didn't hesitate."

Teves' is the oldest of three chidlren. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona with a degree in Psychology and more recently received his masters degree from the University of Denver in psychological counseling.

His Phoenix-based parents came to the courthouse Monday to watch the proceedings for the man they call a "coward."

"He was one of the best sons any man could have. I've been honored to know him," Alex's father Tom Teves said. "He loved these two ladies [pointing to his wife Caren and Amanda] more than anyone loved somebody. He gave up his life to save her life. As parents, we can say maybe in the back of your mind you think maybe he shouldn't have done that, but that never crossed our minds, because Alex couldn't have done that. [He] couldn't have lived with himself if he didn't protect her. He loved her so much."

Teves' father added, "You're talking about probably one of the best people on Earth, and he can't be replaced. He can't be replaced for our family. He can't be replaced in society. We're going to miss him terribly. We love him. We know he's in Heaven. We know he's going to be ok. We're the ones who're going to suffer."

Alex Teves' family released the following statement:

The Teves family is saddened by the death of their son Alex, he was an amazing son, brother, friend, nephew, grandson and hero. Alex Teves died in the movie theater attacks in Colorado early Friday morning.

He was an avid Arizona Wildcats football/basketball fan, an exceptionally loyal friend, and loving son. Alex was studying for a career in physical therapy at the time of his death. Alex was a true hero, shielding his beloved girlfriend from the gunfire during the attack in the Theatre. Alex's last act of heroism is a testament to his character, his selflessness, and unending compassion for those he loved. Alex had the heart of a lion but it was made of gold, always willing to help anyone.

The Teves family extends their most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the other families and victims involved in the tragedy. Memorial Services in New Jersey and Arizona will be held at a date to be determined. The family requests privacy as they work through this difficult time.
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